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The University of Canterbury has so much to offer international students. With globally recognised academic programmes, opportunities to explore the world, and a great student lifestyle, UC has a strong reputation as a study destination. As well as gaining a quality qualification, UC graduates develop the skills and experience employers are looking for. Our student internships, work placements, and industry and community connections will help you get ahead in your chosen career.

With more than 100 nationalities and 140 student clubs represented on campus, UC is an exciting and diverse place to be.

Bachelor's degrees
UC’s Bachelor's degrees equip you to solve the problems of the future. Whether you already have your career path mapped out, or are open to new possibilities, you will be able to find an undergraduate degree to suit your interests and goals.

Graduate certificates and diplomas
If you’ve completed a bachelor’s degree Graduate certificates and diplomas may be for you. Graduate degrees can serve to increase the value of your undergraduate degree in the job market or be a first step to a new career.

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas
Postgraduate certificates and diplomas are often undertaken by practitioners looking for professional development. The short period of study allows you to gain additional skills and a recognised qualification without a long term commitment.

Honours degrees
If you’re passionate about a particular subject, completing an honours degree brings you the opportunity to go deeper with a personalised study programme. Most honours programmes comprise courses in one subject, though most programmes give you the option of including one to two courses from another subject.

Master's degrees
Master's degrees are a way of advancing your understanding and skill in your undergraduate major, or, in some cases, a new area of study. A master's degree builds on the general skills acquired in an undergraduate degree.

PhDs and Doctoral degrees
Perhaps you have a burning intellectual curiosity about something, want to advance your career or even change career direction and increase your employability and earning capacity. Find out more about PhDs and Doctoral degrees.

For Undergraduate:

IELTS Academic with an average score of 6.0, with a minimum of 5.5 in reading, writing, listening and speaking
For Teaching: IELTS Academic 7.0 with no individual score below 7.0 (undergraduate degrees and graduate diplomas in teaching and learning)
IELTS Academic 7.5 with no individual score below 7.5 (Master of Teaching and Learning)

For Postgraduate:

IELTS Academic an average score of 6.5, with a minimum of 6.0 in reading, writing, listening and speaking

International Postgraduate fees

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) - Please note price is an annual cost based on 120 points $34,900
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Please note price is an annual cost based on 120 points $6,749 - $8,130
Master of Antarctic Studies (MASt)180$52,350
Master of Applied Data Science180$34,200
Master of Applied Finance and Economics (MAFE)180$34,200
Master of Architectural Engineering120$39,000
Master of Arts120
Master of Audiology240$69,800
Master of Bicultural Co-Governance of Natural Resources - new for 2018180$52,350
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Application and acceptance fees also apply240$54,400
Master of Business Information Systems180$34,200
Master of Business Management Application and acceptance fees also apply180$34,200
Master of Commerce180$42,700
Master of Computer-Assisted Language Learning180$32,200
Master of Counselling240$69,800
Master of Disaster, Risk and Resilience180$45,900
Master of Education120
Master of Engineering120$39,000
Master of Engineering in Fire Engineering210$68,250
Master of Engineering in Management - includes project fee120$41,900
Master of Engineering in Transportation180$58,500
Master of Engineering Studies120$39,000
Master of European Union Studies180$29,800
Master of Financial Engineering180$52,350
Master of Financial Management180$34,200
Master of Fine Arts120$32,200
Master of Forestry Science120
Master of Geographic Information Science120
Master of Health Sciences240$69,800
Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice (Nursing)180$32,200
Master of Human Interface Technology (MHIT)120$39,000
Master of International Relations and Diplomacy180$29,800
Master of Laws (International Law and Politics)120$32,200
Master of Laws (LLM)120$32,200
Master of Linguistics180$29,800
Master of Māori and Indigenous Leadership180$29,800
Master of Music120$32,200
Master of Policy and Governance180$29,800
Master of Professional Accounting - Application and acceptance fees also apply240$45,600
Master of ScienceVaries$34,900 per 120 points
Master of Social Work120$27,600
Master of Social Work (Applied)240$46,800
Master of Spatial Analysis for Public Health - new for 2018180$52,350
Master of Specialist Teaching180$41,400
Master of Speech and Language Pathology240$62,400
Master of Sports Science - new for 2018180$52,350
Master of Strategic Communication - new for 2018180$32,000
Master of Teaching and Learning (Primary or Secondary)180$41,400
Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages180$32,200
Master of Te Reo Maori240$46,800
Master of Urban Resilience and Renewal180$52,350
Master of Water Resource Management240$69,800
Master of Writing180$29,800
Professional Master of Engineering Geology180$45,900
Professional Master of Geospatial Science & Technology - new for 2018180$52,350
Bachelor of Arts with Honours120$27,600
Bachelor of Commerce with Honours120$28,500
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours $32,200
Bachelor of Music with Honours120$32,200
Bachelor of Science with Honours150$34,900
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning with Honours120$27,600
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Data Science120$22,800
Postgraduate Diploma in Art Curatorship120$22,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Arts120$22,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Business120$22,800
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration - new for 2018120$27,200
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Systems120$22,800
Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology195$56,712
Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology264$76,780
Postgraduate Diploma in Education Endorsements in 7 different areas120$27,600
Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry120$34,900
Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science120$34,900
Postgraduate Diploma in Geospatial Science and Technology - new for 2018120$34,900
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences120$34,900
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems and Technology - new for 2018120$28,915
Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism120$28,500
Postgraduate Diploma in Science120$34,900
Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Teaching120$27,600
Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Science - new for 2018120$34,900
Postgraduate Diploma in Te Reo Māori120$22,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management120$34,900
Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies - includes field trip60$21,300
Postgraduate Certificate in Architectural Engineering - new for 201860$19,500
Postgraduate Certificate in Arts60$13,800
Postgraduate Certificate in Business - new for 201860$11,400
Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Humanities60$13,800
Postgraduate Certificate in Education60$13,800
Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering60$19,500
Postgraduate Certificate in Geospatial Science and Technology - new for 201860$17,450
Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences60$17,450
Postgraduate Certificate in Information Systems and Technology - new for 201860$14,458
Postgraduate Certificate in Māori and Indigenous Leadership60$13,800
Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care60$17,450
Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Teaching60$13,800
Postgraduate Certificate in Sport Science - new for 201860$17,450
Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership60$13,600
Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages60$13,800
Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching60$13,800

International Undergraduate fees

Bachelor of Arts360$24,300 per 120 points
Bachelor of Commerce360$26,800 per 120 points
Bachelor of Criminal Justice360$24,300 per 120 points
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours480$41,000 per 120 points
Bachelor of Fine Arts480$28,800 per 120 points
Bachelor of Forestry Science480$34,900 per 120 points
Bachelor of Health Sciences360$30,300 per 120 points
Bachelor of Laws480$28,800 per 120 points
Bachelor of Music360$28,800 per 120 points
Bachelor of Product Design - new in 2018360$31,200 - $33,875 per 120 points
Bachelor of Science360$30,300 per 120 points
Bachelor of Social Work480$28,800 per 120 points
Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology with Honours480$34,900 per 120 points
Bachelor of Sport Coaching360$24,300 per 120 points
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood)360$24,300 per 120 points
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)360$24,300 per 120 points
Graduate Diploma in Arts120$24,300
Graduate Diploma in Commerce120$26,800
Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching150$25,000
Graduate Diploma in Forestry120$34,900
Graduate Diploma in Science120$30,300
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Primary)165$26,000
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary)135$25,000
Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching60$12,150
Diploma in Language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish)120$24,300
Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering120Price on Application
Certificate in Arts60$12,150
Certificate in Commerce60$13,400
Certificate in Criminal Justice60$12,150
Certificate in Languages60$12,150
Certificate in Science60$15,150
Certificate in Sport Coaching60$15,150

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