Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Join ISAS online classroom platform and become an expert instructor enhance your career in an international educational system with 127 countries.

Discover Your Potential

In an online service, ISAS gives you many opportunities in career growth and earning platforms. Above 1000+students are still searching for the best instructors and you could be the one potential instructor.

Earn Money

Earn money on each invitation or purchase of your course by an individual student. Get paid monthly by direct bank transfer.

Inspire Students

Help students learn new methodologies that will boost their thoughts and make them think about the future and career. Enhance their hobbies by sharing your experience and knowledge.

Join Our Community

Take advantage by joining us with the instructor's community. They help you in career growth and creating course process .

How to Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Choose courses of your interest

All instructors have multiple choices to give teaching services. You can choose a course of your interest and start teaching.

How ISAS helps you?

ISAS helps you in interlinking online with your students and others. You can link to a platform with an international teaching system. Teachers from other countries also join us. One on One teaching and group teaching also included.

Instructor Rules

Design your course

Tutor can design the course outline and follow the instruction of the content according to their students need.

Availability of help center

24/7 Support Services

Our team is available 24 hours a day. They are here to help through course creation needs. Use our teaching center and resources to help you through the process. This community is always there and always helpful.

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